Montreal Hockey Company has been distributing the finest hockey equipment for over forty years. Our products exemplify top of the line, trendsetting designs and cutting-edge technology at great values. When we started, hockey was a relatively small sport and a very personal industry. While we have grown with the sport, we remain committed to the principles that have brought us this far: hard work, top quality, and personal and friendly service.

Tackla is a part of ice hockey history, beginning in Finland more than half a century ago. Tackla revolutionized the hockey pant. Prior to Tackla’s innovation, the hockey players wore a barrel that rested by suspenders on the shoulders. It was heavy and couldn’t move with the player. Tackla changed the design into the type of hockey pant used today, worn snug with a belt. This design allowed for ideal protection with no gaps and less weight. Tackla has used this expertise to develop gloves, bags, and attractive apparel, as well as shin, elbow, and shoulder pads.

Frontier Hockey began making hockey sticks in Estonia ten years ago. Frontier has combined their Northern European experience with partners from FIN, SVK, CAN, RUS, CHN, and the USA. Frontier supplies products to players and goalies at many playing levels including the World Championships, Olympics and European leagues.


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